Electro Optics

Lahat offers a range of electro optics products including: Monocromator, Beam Analysis, Wavelegth meters, Optical power meters and more.
Cameras & Detectors
Lahat offers detectiond solutios for wide range of applications including: Bolometers, CCD, CMOS, Infrared Cameras, PIN Photodiode, Avalanche Photodetector, Single Photon counting

Shielding & Thermal Solutions

Lahat Technologies offers a wide range of thermal management and shielding materials including: electricaly conductive elastomer, thermal condactive materials and Mu-metal.

Lasers & Diode Lasers

A wide selection of lasers and diode lasers that cover the needs of most applications. We can offer Pulse, CW and ultrafast Laser in the visible, IR wavelength,

Optics & Opto-Mechanics


A large varayety of optics, Opto Mechanics  products including: Lenses, Optical componenets, Micro optics, Filters, Optic mount, Fiber Aliignment,

Vibration Isolation

Full solution of: Active Piezoelectric Vibration Cancellation Systems, Optical Tops, Breadboards & Supports, Pneumatic Vibration Isolators for OEM Applications, Active Vibration Isolation Systems

Test & Measurement

All the T&M you need under one roof. DSO's, Arbitrary generators, RF signal generators and analyzers, Video testing, audio analasys and more

Motion Control

Lahat represents the industry leaders in Motion control solutions offering low/high resolution of linear motors, rotating stagees, Piezo stages and more.

Particle Counters

Lahat supply all needed solutions for air and liquid partical monitoring and partical counting we also offer solutions for biological contamination testing.

Need Service

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